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沒錯!"吵架"也是一門藝術!  當然不是在鼓勵大家跟別人吵架啦



  1. What's wrong with you?你怎麼回事啊?
  2. I'm very disappointed. 我太失望了
  3. How dare you!你好大的膽子!
  4. Who do you think you are?你以為你是哪根蔥?(你算老幾?)
  5. Leave me alone. 走開別煩我!
  6. Take a hike!走開別來打擾我!
  7. You piss me off. 氣死我了!
  8. It's none of your business. 這不關你的事!
  9. Mind your own business!先管好你自己的事吧!
  10. Cut it out. 省省吧
  11. You have a lot of nerve. 你的臉皮可真厚
  12. I've had enough of your garbage. 我聽膩了你的廢話.
  13. What were you thinking!你在想什麼啊?(你腦子進水了?)
  14. Don't talk to me like that!別那樣和我說話!
  15. Are you insane/crazy/out of you mind?你瘋了嗎?
  16. Don't bother me. 少來煩我
  17. Knock it off. 別跟我來這套
  18. Get out of my face. 快從我眼前消失!
  19. That's the stupidest thing I've ever heard!那是我聽過的最蠢的事!
  20. Are you bluffing me ?你在嚇唬我嗎?
  21. You make me so mad. 你把我氣瘋了
  22. Don't give me your shoot. 收起你的鬼話
  23. No more excuses. 別找藉口。
  24. Nonsense!一派胡言!
  25. Get over yourself. 別自以為是
  26. Who do you think you're talking to?你以為你在跟誰說話?
  27. That's your problem. 那是你的事。
  28. You're nothing to me. 你對我來說什麼都不是。
  29. Look at this mess!看看這爛攤子!
  30. I'm about to explode!我真的要氣炸了!
  31. I never want to see your face again!我再也不要見到你這張臉!
  32. Just look at what you've done!看看你都幹了什麼好事!
  33. I wish I had never met you. 希望我從沒遇見你(遇到你算我倒霉)
  34. Get out of my life. 滾出我的生活!
  35. You've gone too far!你太過分了!
  36. You've ruined everything. 全讓你給搞砸了
  37. I can't take you any more!我再也受不了你了!
  38. Don't waste my time anymore. 別再浪費我的時間了!
  39. Don't push me!別逼我!
  40. You are dead. 你死定了
  41. Put up or shut up. 有本事你就上,不然就給我閉嘴!
  42. Wise up!放聰明點!
  43. Don't play innocent!別裝蒜!
  44. How low-class!真低級!
  45. You're a disgrace. 丟死人了你!
  46. You make me sick!你真是讓我感到噁心!
  47. Stop screwing/fooling/messing around!別鬼混了!
  48. Don't give me your attitude. 別跟我擺架子。
  49. Can't you do anything right?成事不足,敗事有餘。
  50. Get away from me!有多遠就滾多遠!

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